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For two decades Tim Noonan has been providing consulting services to leading-edge companies and organisations, enabling them to develop and deploy world-class innovative accessibility and voice user interface usability solutions which are integral to their IT and telephony products and services. Our most recent consultancy was to the NSW Electoral Commission as the accessibility and usability designer for iVote (online and telephone voting).  

Tim is also the managing Director and lead vocal consultant for Vocal Branding Australia.

Vocal Branding is the strategic and purposeful use of voice to strengthen and enhance brand experiences so your brands sound as compelling as they look and feel! Modern branding is shifting from Telling to Conversing, and Vocal Branding is an essential element of this accelerating shift.

Tim is also the principal of Visionary Communications® where he engagingly informs, entertains and inspires diverse audiences throughout Australia as a professional conference speaker, as well as providing customised voice coaching and verbal presentations training.

Tim Noonan Consulting (TNC) has experience in all aspects of information accessibility , as well as key specialisations in the accessibility of Banking and Finance services, and in designing and optimising the usability of automated telephone services (IVRs).

Our reputation is built on 20 years broad experience in accessibility and usability, backed up by extensive engagement with (and a thorough understanding of) the various disability communities we serve.

By combining your commitment to inclusiveness with TNC's extensive accessibility expertise and dependable strategic guidance, your organisation will significantly expand its customer reach, as well as increasing its profile by demonstrating high-level corporate and social responsibility.

Our clients range from leading corporates, Commonwealth departments, Non Government Organisations, small & medium enterprises and educational institutions.

TNC’s passion is the smart utilisation of technology to expand the range, quality and timeliness of information and services to people, irrespective of their situation or location.

A range of informative reports, interviews and white papers (written by the principal of TNC) are available for download.

From 1994 through to December 2009, VIP-L has been the leading email-based source of announcements and information exchange relating to blind and vision impaired people in Australasia. VIP-L stands for Vision Impaired People's information List.  It was hosted and administered by Tim Noonan, as a community service to the blind and vision impaired community in Australia and abroad.

Please contact us to explore how we can best assist your business with customised accessibility and usability strategies and solutions to broaden your customer base and enhance the usability of your products and services.


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